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Financial Institutions

Identity and Access Management

GNS Provides a higher level of security with added convenience to each user which makes network access as well as physical access secure and easy.

Adding biometric authentication on the badge provides a secure way to authenticate the users. Unlike traditional badges, users can rest assured that if they lose their badge then no one can use it.

GNS analyze user data using machine learning to identify user pattern and behavior. The system can provide insights to potential security issues when it detects an outlier or abnormal behavior.

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Unlike other systems, the S-Badge leverages the latest IoT technology and machine learning to enhance security and unlock an entirely new range of functionalities and data that goes far beyond today’s standards. The proprietary, turn-key solution utilizes an innovative system of on-site LoRa gateways and a battery-smart, all-in-one authentication badge that verifies users’ identities based on location, a biometric signature and a pre-programmed NFC chip. The S-Badge also features a panic button to discreetly signal an emergency, along with the badges’ location.

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Higher Education

Safety is our priority

We’re living in a time when security and privacy have never been more important, yet no company has indoor people tracking solution. Existing systems does not offer enough security once the user have pass through initial security checkpoints.

The S-badge provides data about who is accessing what, where and when, without risk of security breaches from negligence, oversights or abuse. Most importantly, we only track individuals when they are within the campus or facility, not at home or off duty.

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  • Designed in California

  • Manufactured in USA

  • Assembled in North America

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