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Securing Success: How S-Badge Propelled Lighthouse Pediatrics into a Multi-Million-Dollar Healthcare Powerhouse


Lighthouse Pediatrics was looking for a convenient and secure solution that would relieve the pediatrician’s stress caused by her out-of-date system. It was taking too long to sign in and out of the electronic medical records (EMR) system, charting between patients, and she found it difficult to remember multiple logins. If she could save just 20 minutes per day, she would be able to add another patient to the daily schedule, increase her revenue stream, and grow her practice.


Lighthouse Pediatrics entrusted Global Net Solutions to deploy a new system to work alongside its existing infrastructure. Starting with the S-Badge, every employee was given a custom ID, loaded with personal credentials that could only be authenticated by their biometric fingerprint. This card allowed them to gain easy entry into their practice as well as their patient system securely and quickly with accompanying hardware. The S-Badge’s unique multi-factor authentication process provided the practice with the highest level of security while addressing the need for physical and logical access control.


Global Net Solutions played a pivotal role in initiating and executing the development of a custom-designed system for Lighthouse Pediatrics. The easy-to-use solution continues to enhance productivity, allowing practitioners to allocate more time to patient care. The deployment of this system saved the team time and money, resulting in more patient visits almost immediately. The S-Badge helped transform the practice from a solo physician set up to a multi-provider, multi-million-dollar healthcare practice in less than five years.

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“Time is money, and S-Badge saves my time. I can see more patients every day.”

Lydia Elias, D.O., Lighthouse Pediatrics


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