Empowering IT Professionals and Educators

in Ensuring Safety for Staff and Students

Panic Button at your fingertip

With Panic Button built-in in the S-Badge and a personal verification of the Identity of the person calling for help

Better Response Time

With location aware S-Badge, response time is measured from the time of the incident Vs. the 911 call. 

Lockdown in Seconds

Activating a Lockdown on a specific zone or even Campus Wide by 1 click on the S-Badge, with Fingerprint Verification eliminating false alarms

Accurate location

Accurate location, and Incident Nature in one Notification to Command Center.

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Attendance Benefits

  • Hygienic 0 Touch Attendance with Biometric Identity Verification.
  • Save time of student attendance with a click of a button. Give more towards educational time.
  • BUS Module to know if Right Kid is on the Right Bus with the Right Driver on the Right Route.

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Most Secure Fingerprint Technology

Faster Response Time

Accurate Location