S-Badge | FAQs
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Privacy and price are the biggest reasons a company would prefer am S-badge over a mobile device. A phone can track locations everywhere the owner goes, but the S-badge is only trackable when it’s within the proximity of a gateway. Additionally, the price point for supplying smart phones with fingerprint readers to hundreds of employees is cost prohibitive, and the phone would not be a company asset.
No. The S-badge has built in biometric authentication – a fingerprint scanner – that prevents anyone besides the authorized individual from activating the badge.
While there are many security card technologies – including magnetic stripe, bar code, 125 kHz proximity, contact smart cards, contactless smart cards and even key fobs, adhesive tokens and wristbands – none offer the enhanced safety and security and business insights provided by the S-Badge. Conventional RFID solutions only use a serial number that can be easily scanned and replicated, whereas the S-Badge 13.5MHz, or high frequency RFID, is programmable by the business unit. Also, the transmission of such encrypted data is gated by the bio-metric authentication for additional security.
The S-Badge provides a range of unique features and solves a variety of problems like: Badge abuse Badge use by unauthorized persons Lost or stolen badges Piggybacking through doors Employee productivity Active security monitoring beyond the front door / initial screening Emergency response (S-Badge features an integrated panic button)
Our solutions consists of the S-Badge (with preprogrammed credentials) and LoRa gateways. It can be used with any Standard NFC 13.5MHz readers by HID, AXIS and other access control vendors.
Battery life varies by application and frequency of use. However, a typical employee will need to charge the card approximately every 10 days.
The S-Badge is the only way to be 100% certain who is accessing what, where and when – without risk of breaches from negligence, oversights or abuse. It uses a unique, 3-factor identification process that relies on location verification, a biometric signature (fingerprint along with moisture, temperature and electricity in the skin) and a preprogrammed Near-Field Communication (NFC) chip. Additionally, the badge includes a panic button that sends an SOS signal with the badge’s exact current location.
No, privacy is one of our top concerns! Unlike other solutions, the S-badge only tracks you on premise, when within range of a gateway. This allows businesses to unlock new business insights while respecting employee privacy outside of the workplace.
S-Badge Technical Specifications • What is the size of the badge? - The badge is comparable to three credit cards stacked on top of each other. • How durable are the badges? – The badges are very durable and have survived drop tests performed by our research team. • What printing technology do you use? – We use advanced printing technology to give our badges a beveled surface that is scratch proof and water resistant.
We are examining a range of biometric technologies that would add additional authentication factors. These include voice recognition and iris scanning. Currently, the biometric component of our solution distinguishes itself and adds extra fraud protection because it tests the moisture, temperature and electricity in the skin, in addition to the fingerprint itself.
Our solutions consists of the S-Badge (with preprogrammed credentials) and LoRa gateways. It can be used with any Standard NFC 13.5MHz readers by HID, AXIS and other access control vendors.