Multilayer encryption, and double PKI

Biometric Verification on S-Badge

One Badge Multipurpose

- Security meets Convenience

- No More Password Resets

- Windows 10 / AD Secure Login

- Physical Access Control

Identity Access Management

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Works with existing Infrastructure

  1. Smart Contactless Readers
  2. NFC: 13.5 MHz High Frequency RFID
  3. Standalone or Network wired door locks


Our Values

Privacy protection is our priority. Safety has higher standards.

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To tackle insider threats, and create safer environment

Our Mission

Adding Convenience without compromising Security.

Physical Access Control

Logical Access Control

One Badge, Multi-Purpose


Keylogger Protection

The first line of defense against Ransomeware Attacks

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X-Factor Authentication

The S-Badge’s unique multi-factor authentication process provides the highest level of security while solving the most common problems that plague existing systems. This process includes:

          • Biometric Authentication

          • Multi-level PKI 

          • Multi-layer Encryption

          • Federation Server 

          • Authentication Server

          • Sandbox Secure Browser 

Patented Technology

Bio-Tap and Go


Saves Time and helps Generating Revenue

Single provider can save an average of 20 minutes per day on 20 patients
Potential to gain 1 extra appointment to fit in a PCP schedule/day 
Minimum ROI 720.00% based on 5 business days/wk

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Built-in Safety Panic Button

GNS proprietary solution leverages an innovative system of on-premise LoRa gateways with the S-Badge – a low energy consuming, battery-smart, all-in-one authentication badge – to verify a user’s identity based on location and bio-metrics. But unlike other systems, the S-Badge leverages the latest IoT technology to unlock an entirely new range of functionality and data that go far beyond today’s standards.

If you lose it, No one can use it

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