The Time Saver

Revenue Generator

  • Save more than 1 min per patient on multiple Logging in/out
  • Save trouble for password resets and password changes
  • Immediate Compliance with Password Policies

Ease of use for both Clinicians and CISOs, CIOs

  1. Administrators can auto-generate credentials and save it directly to S-Badge with 0 Touch from the user. All needed is Identity verification through the fingerprint of the user, and they are good to go.
  2. Stripping Access from an employee is just a click of a button, and they won’t have access to any sensitive internal data or applications

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Zero Touch Clocking System

  • Hygienic Clocking system
  • Less than 1 Second Trigger (high throughput environment)
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Adding More Layers of Security

Mostly Hinders Convenience


ot the case with S-Badge, as we thrive to simplify the process for both IT managers as well as Clinicians and Providers.