Higher  Education

- Lockdown in Seconds

- Location Aware Active Safety

- Eliminate False Alarms

- Biometric Verification on S-Badge

- Panic Button on S-Badge.

Safer School Environment

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- Identity Access Management

- Secure Login

- Privacy Protection

- Automated Attendance

Turn Key Solution

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Safety On Campus

Tackling many threats on Campus is now made easy with S-Badge Solution. Stocker, Active Shooters, Natural Disaster, Unverified Attendance. Now the Panic Button is embedded in the S-Badge with personal verification of the Identity of the person calling for help. Eliminating false alarms in such a case is key to the success of S-Badge Safety Solution.  

Our Values

Privacy protection is our priority. Safety has higher standards.

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To tackle insider threats, and create safer environment

Our Mission

Adding Convenience without compromising Security.

Automatic Lockdown in 1 Click

Activating a Lockdown on a specific zone on Campus or even Campus Wide Lockdown is now made easy in 1 click on the S-Badge, with Fingerprint Verification. No need to run to a pull down station in the middle of the corridors. Also Eliminating false alarms for such cases are is big key to dispatch first responders right away.

Better Response Time

Disaster response time is currently being measured from the time of the 911 Call. The S-Badge solution delivers a much faster response time, as we measure it from the time of the incident instead. Saving few seconds in response time is saving more lives of our beloved children and staff.

Attendance with Ease

Attendance is taken with ease, saving 5-10 min of valuable education time to actual learning material. Easy to use by teachers. Biometric verification is needed to assign a student present.

Why GNS ?

The S-Badge is unique because of it’s unique capabilities such as: being able to track the location of every Badge holder through out the covered network only at any time; it’s ability to flag any time the holder is not at the prescribed location at any time; it’s ability to automatically roll call without having to manually do it; it’s ability to track the kids in the bus through mobile gateway solution, it’s ability to make sure that the right driver is driving the right bus; it’s ability to monitor that the right teacher in the right class room; it’s ability to send a text message when the child is picked up and dropped off; it’s ability send an SOS for any ID holder with a fingerprint authentication; the only badge of its kind with fingerprint authentication.