Business Unit Controller

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Grace Castillo, Business Unit Controller for Global Net Solutions, joined the GNS team in 2015. With over 30 years of experience in finance and operations for manufacturing, retail, wholesale and consumer goods, Castillo brings a consistent record of performance to the company that will help drive growth for the organization.

Castillo has built her career on a strong foundation of public accounting and corporate taxation. Major areas of responsibility include financial reporting, treasury and working capital management, budgeting, financial planning and analysis, tax accounting and compliance, and office administration.

Prior to joining GNS, Castillo worked with a start-up in the Philippines to “go public.” Castillo’s expertise was critical in preparing the company for its IPO by creating a comprehensive plan that balanced the company’s short-term objectives with its long-term goals. In addition, Castillo’s plan was essential to deploy an automated financial-reporting technology solution that was scalable and easily integrated with other systems.

Castillo is a Certified Public Accountant and holds a Master in Business Administration that was earned in the Philippines.

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