The Power Behind the S-Badge 

S-Badge Identity Solution Advantages

  1. No Centralized Fingerprint Server. (No Liability nor certification needed).

  2. Fingerprint templates are algorithmic images, not actual optical image of fingerprint of the person.

  3. Fingerprint Templates are saved on a secure element on the S-Badge.

S-Badge Technology



Most Secure Fingerprint Technology

  • 1:100,000 False Acceptance
  • 1:500,000 False Rejection
  • Anti-Spoofing Mechanism: If it’s not the LIVE Authorized Finger, it will not work.

PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) Authentication 

Decentralized Architecture:

  • Serverless Deployment
  • Decentralized Credentials
  • AES 128 or higher Encryption


GNS Secure Browser will protect you against these atack methods

Memory Dumps

AA file that caputer/stores data stored in computer RAM

Key Loggers

Captured data entered by the user such as usernames, passwords and other sensitive data

Screen Shots

An image of what is currently displayed on a device screen containing credential data

Brute Force Attacks

An attacker trying all combinations of usernames and passwords to gain access through trial and error

 Serverless Fingerprint Enrollment

How it Works

Step 1

The cardholder verify identity by scanning fingerprint on S-Badge 3 touches for each finger. 2 Fingers allowed

Step 2

The sensor creates an Algorithmic Image of the thumb which will be used for matching on the card.

Step 3

If there is a successful biometric match on card, your Badge will be Active. Otherwise, will stay disabled in it’s default state.